Defing Gravity - coming on 11. June 2016 with your help

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What are we about

Defying Gravity first started from the idea to promote and bring the extreme sports, cycling and urban culture to our local community and broader. It all started one day with a first 20€ jumpbox element made in garage. Through the years we started to combine lots of activies into the festival: parkour, skating, trail contest, MTB/BMX contest, flatland, bunny hop contest, slackline, break dance, rock climbing, motorbike stunts and others. In those activites we also included kids so they could develop their skills on bicycle polygons. Maybe one day they could become badass riders and organizers of similar events.

Every year we want to do it bigger and better. That means including even more activities, street art performances and exhibits. Our goal is to constantly improve the festival in Samobor, through which we can motivate people to wake up, hang out, do sports, support each other and give people a chance to show their skills.

Defing Gravity - 11. June 2016

These are the activities we have prepared for you so far:

- MTB/BMX best trick contest
- bunny-hop contest, Trials contest
- grafitti/street art performace and gallery
- slackline
- polygon for children
- break dance performace
- parkour
- skate miniramp jam
........ and well, the rest is up to YOU!


We started our crowdfunding campaign with a goal to expand the festival with more content.
It all depends on You now!
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